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Until We’re Each Someone Else, the third release from Toronto-based indie-punk stalwarts Stuck Out Here, is a record occupied by the transience of identity and the shifting sense of self that blossoms as your twenties begin to enter the eternal rearview of your shitty post-modern life. Between songs that explore relationship malaise, prolonged adolescence, the romanticism of recklessness, and the collective cost on your mental and emotional equilibrium, the band navigate what could be tired terrain with abrasively self-lacerating abandon and a scrappy poet’s sense of literary ambition. If Getting Used to Feeling Like Shit, their 2014 release, dealt with their reluctant acceptance of adulthood, Until We’re Each Someone Else comes to terms with the people they have now become.

Co-frontmen and principal songwriters Cam Laurie and Ivan Raczycki bring their writerly instincts to eleven songs informed by regret, remorse, lethargy, and loss. With the help of bassist Emmett O’Reilly and drummer Pat Armstrong, the band create stirring, anthemic, pop-imbued rock and roll resilience. Is it a sad record? Almost brutally so, but goddammit, it’s not defeatist. In “Hangover Sex”, Laurie promises salvation for his burgeoning young love (“one day I’ll take you away from this / one day we won’t be so helpless”), wherein “Embarrass You”, Raczycki repeatedly apologizes for his brutish buffoonery and admits, “I want to change.” They’re fucking up, but unlike previous releases, they’re finally holding themselves accountable.

It’s because in the process of crafting this album, a lot of changes have happened to the band. They’ve all left school, maintained and exited long-term relationships, and attempted to enter the so-called professional world, all while holding a candle for their silly beloved punk rock enterprise. The most severe change, however, came in 2014. After releasing Getting Used to Feeling Like Shit and during its ensuing tour cycle, Raczycki experienced his first hypomanic episode, resulting in multiple hospitalizations, extended periods of psychosis, and a diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder. During his recovery, the band soldiered on, and came together with a fresh batch of songs put to tape with longtime producer Siegfried Meier in the summer of 2016. That fall, Raczycki’s illness returned.

“Saint and Sinners Wine” tackles his episodes head-on, centering around a relationship Raczycki maintained while manic. The lyrics are laid bare. “I thought you were an angel I could talk to in the shower / covering myself in soap under the hospital’s cameras” he sings, as the band kicks in to help him scream “I thought I was God / I really thought I was God.” Elsewhere, on “Sweet Fade”, Raczycki deals with the resulting extended period of depression that accompanies a manic episode. “I’ve been sinking into nothing / and it feels okay / I’ve been learning how to love fading away.”

These are heavy revelations on their own, and as counterpoint, Laurie doesn’t slouch. Throughout the record, Laurie explores the expectations and ennui of romantic entanglement with dire emotional frankness, whether it’s the fatalist resolve in “Never Should’ve Bothered” (“If you knew what I knew when it started / It never would’ve started”), the doomed love portrayed in “Bore Me” (“You say hold on/I ask for how long?”), or the rallying cry of “nothing lasts / everything lingers” in triumphant album closer “Robin Tunney”.

Together, Laurie and Raczycki make impassioned rock raconteurs, their tales vividly and emphatically actualized by O’Reilly’s burning harmonies and Armstrong’s fervent drum histrionics. Musically, the record exists somewhere amongst the pantheon of modern pop-punk classics like Joyce Manor’s Never Hungover Again, Japandroids’ Celebration Rock, and The Menzingers’ On the Impossible Past, with the creeping influence and affectations of a young Conor Oberst or Paul Westerberg.

Until We’re Each Someone Else is the perfect salve for listeners looking for emotional integrity and euphoric catharsis, an album of unrelenting truth and obstreperous beauty. See you in the pit, shaking and crying


released May 31, 2019

Stuck Out Here is Cam Laurie, Pat Armstrong, Ivan Raczycki, and Emmett O’Reilly

All Songs Written by Stuck Out Here
Except 1, 4, and 11 by Stuck Out Here and Derek Perry

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios
Executive Production by Derek Perry
Additional Vocals by Sam Bielanski, Engineered by Doug Nahrgang
Album Layout by Devan Power
Cover Photo by Yoshi Cooper


all rights reserved



STUCK OUT HERE Toronto, Ontario

We sing party angst anthems.

For bookings: stuckouthere AT gmail DOT com.


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Track Name: Never Should've Bothered
In the age of self diagnosis
We were so liberal with our doses
Self important and indignant
Crashing cars our dads taught us to drive in
In the time between degrees and employment
We were in no hurry for its procurement
Were told, "Be a part of something"
More than this job I hate
More than this debt that won't go away
And so I made myself scum
To make myself someone
Who's experienced every failing
And could then explain oblivion
And it's been gnawing on my brain
If you knew what I knew when it started
It never would've started
If you knew that you never should've bothered
You never would've bothered
In this world that's constantly changing
If you're not improving, you're fading fast
That's all I wanted to do
Then I met you
So if you think you're too drunk to call me
I'm probably too drunk to fall asleep
And when you're in that state
Do you hate me? Do you blame me?
Now I'm switching to light beer
To make my twelve beer affairs
A slightly smaller ordeal
Track Name: Embarrass You
I'm getting flashbacks to prom
Out in Chad Van Dyke's bush
Oh, weren't we all once that young
Before the clock hands took what they took
Now my palms grip 'round the threads
Of that still-born drunk dream
But you're way past that now
Except that you're still stuck with me
It must be hard to watch the ones you love fuck up for fun but it's worth it
I'm sorry I embarrass you I want to change
I'm in a room with your mom
After a Christmas parade
I'm burnt-out and staggered
Occupying some out-of-mind space
And I'm a big disappointment
Well, that's only half true
Half of me is a party
And the other half's letting down you
Track Name: I Don't Mind You
I’ve been panicked, I’ve been frantic
Trying to prove I’m not static
I’ve been shaking, I’ve been quaking
Need to slow down my breathing
So if I get lost on the way home tonight
It’s ‘cause I want to
And it’s got nothing to do with you
I’ve been crying, I’ve been bleeding
Just to prove I’m not dying
And that there’s an organ inside me
Still fulfilling its function
So if I cut all my hair off
It’s ‘cause I want to
And it’s got nothing to do with you
You call me up all white girl drunk
And I pick up all white boy high
And our dispositions make for lousy conversation
So we both decide to say goodbye
But every time you look
With those sad brown eyes at me
It’s like 1000 sharpened scalpels
Cut to the very core of me
As if to say, “This ain’t so bad I see you,
and I don’t mind you
If you don’t mind yourself”
You call me up all white girl drunk
And I pick up all white boy high
And you see through me
And I got too high,
I don’t why I get so high
So we both decide to say goodbye
Track Name: Literary Selves
You said, "I swear I'm there
I'll go 'til you go"
And I don't care, but you wouldn't dare
If you knew what I know
You said, "I'm just south of Queen St.
Watching high-heeled girls dry heave
That's been me
Nights like these I wish that was me"
Then you said, "Meet me at the bar with the bar rail deals
And for around 30 bucks we can forget ourselves
And after a few more rounds pretend that we're each someone else
Like if you'll be my Gatsby, I'll be your Daisy"
At the end of the night you said,
"This ain't the end of the night"
You said, "Put me in a cab, drive me around"
Looked up with your sad brown eyes and said,
"I want to see your place
See what disgrace you live in"
You looked at my house, at my bookshelf
And laughed at my lame literary self
And you said, "Meet me underneath your bedsheets
For around an hour and a half we can act like we aren't lonely
Then after you fall asleep I can disappear into the streets
Just like you're my Gatsby, and I'm your Daisy
If you'll be my Gatsby, I'll be your Daisy
If you let me, I could be the death of you
And you can end up hating me
Use me in one of your stories
To justify to yourself
Why you had to go through such hell
And you can put me up on your bookshelf"
You said, "I think you think you're just as reckless as me
And that I'm everything that you need"
You said, "I think you're just as pathetic as me
And everything that I need"
And I said, "I'll be your Gatsby if you'll be my Daisy
I'll let you be the death of me"
Track Name: For You, For Me
This was supposed to be the summer
That they write pop songs about
Halcyon days and Ray-Ban shades
No sky has known a cloud
But it rained
And it poured
And I was not equipped to face the storm
And I know or I should have known
This wasn't my puddle to drown in
I should have given you the space
To mull and wade around in
But I stuck out my hand
When you weren't ready to stand
I can't be there for you
The way you want me to
Can I be there for you for me?
I loved you when I left you
When you needed me the most
I wanted you inside me
But you wouldn't let me close
You were too weak to take the wheel
So I wouldn't let you man it
But what you won't let me live down is
When you suffered's when I panicked
But could I ever admit it?
I never wanted to neglect you
In fact it could have been the opposite
I only wanted to protect you
I wanted to give you all of me
How's that not what you need?
Just say "you're right I can't understand"
Track Name: Hangover Sex
That spring you finished your degree
And mine was still incomplete
You moved into that house on Bathurst St.
And I moved in with my parents
I said, "Don't worry, I'll make the journey
Up Hwy 8 to the 401, down the 427
To the Gardiner Expressway
I'll make it every seven days"
Those weekends spent in the backyard
Under a sky with no stars
And you drank wine, and I drank rye
I said, "Someday I'll take you away from this
Someday we won't be so helpless
Someday I'll fly you to Paris
And you'll drink wine, and I'll drink rye"
But every Sunday you'd start to cry
Said, "Don't leave me in this city
I'm so lonely, I know nobody"
I'd wipe the hair out of your eyes
Smile and tell you a bunch of lies
Of how September would be better
But now I'm in Toronto
And my degree's still incomplete
I can't afford to eat
I can't buy you wine, can't afford rye
But every time it starts raining
I remember dancing with you to Bobcaygeon
And when I think back on those days
I remember your summer skin colour
Your sun squint smile
Your long blond hair
Rolling down your shoulder
And I say, "Someday I'll take you away from this
Someday we won't be so helpless
Someday I'll finish college
And you'll drink wine, and I'll drink rye"
Track Name: Sweet Fade
Hey baby I'm in pieces
I'm a pop cliché
I'm fibreglass, I'm smashed
I'm human waste
I've been staying in on weekends
I've been sleeping late
I've been learning how to love fading away
Fading away
Hey baby I am speechless
No words to spray
I am stunned beyond belief
I'm shit for brains
I've been sinking into nothing
And it feels okay
I've been learning how to love fading away
Hey baby I am blankness
I'm a sunless day
I am void of girth and ghost
I'm empty space
I am colourless and tasteless
I have no face
I have finally learned to love fading away
Track Name: Bore Me
I used to be so cute when I got drunk
And you were so smug
To have me on your arm
We'd get kicked out at last call
Crawl home to pass out
We'd wake up making out
We were covered in cum and sex and sweat
We kissed like it was something that we might miss
And I said, "When it's time for us to go
Let's explode like stars into the cosmos"
And you said, "Hold on"
I asked for how long
'Cause you don't like me anymore
You abhor me
You said, "Hold on"
I asked for how long
'Cause I don't like you anymore
You bore me
You're covering up your bad tattoos
With new tattoos, you hide those too
Under business suits
I work 'til close at the bar
At last call I pour a tall glass
You don't think I'm cute when I get drunk
You think I'm a slut
So I keep you out of it
Stumble home alone to pass out
I wake up to your shouts
That I threw up
And I am covered in sweat and my own puke
Okay yeah I know, I disgust you
And I know we don't explode
We burn out like a smoke tossed out the window
There was a time that I was pretty
There was a time that you were charming
There was a time your lips weren't so far away from mine
Track Name: Tearaways
Immense cement in tearaway pants
Helmet's fixed in, spokes spun and spin
Around the block and back again
Cut through the funeral home
Bend backwards when I think of them
Discovering a shaking kid
Near Fleming's Field where he once lived
Not near the funeral home
Track Name: Saint and Sinners Wine
Two bottles of Saint and Sinners wine
I missed the train, but hey, ain't that divine
This guy Joe's got his truck, he's right on time
A can of Busch in the console at his side
Picked up Melissa at some bar on Dundas St.
Went to the Cameron and you drank too much it seemed
Could have been all that dingy alley weed
Didn't notice when you got up to leave
Held back your hair
Dropped you off at your porch and left you there
I know it stings but if only you could see
That when you met me I wasn't who I seemed
Barely conscious and dancing lucidly
To some cover band killing Bruce Springsteen
You said you never were this way with other guys
But I was manic and didn't mind the lie
Your friend was put off, well maybe she was right
Maybe she saw the madness in my eyes
What you might not know
A couple weeks after we made out at that show
I thought you were an angel I could talk to in the shower
Covering myself in soap under the hospital cameras
Posing in the raw like an ancient God
I thought I was God, I really thought I was God
And how you probably liked the confidence I emitted
Or how I kissed you on the floor in the Horseshoe's basement
I thought you were a shapeshifter, I was totally lifted
Saw a million women in you every time we connected
You were a phantom, were a spirit, I was holy high
And I fell asleep beneath you buried in your thighs
You blew smoke rings in your bedroom from a wooden pipe
I drifted off completely, I was holy high
I was bushed, I was batty, in a different place
I was convinced I was cemented in a sacred space
But when the medicine kicked in, it cut the light from my face
And we haven't spoken since
So if you hear this, I hope you understand
I was a very ill and very disturbed man
The time we had was a farce, a sleight of hand
Dancing wildly to that Springsteen cover band
But if there's parts of you that years later still ache
Just know that though you made me wild, I still was safe
I hope that now you're in a better place
In a better place, in a better place like I am
Track Name: Robin Tunney
You used to remind me of Robin Tunney
In some mid-90s teen rom-com movie
You were so beautiful when you got desperate
I wanted to be that reckless
Instead I ended up pathetic
And you said, "Fake it 'til you make it baby
Oh, I'm just one big phony
You're happy enough when you're happy enough
Are you happy enough? Are you happy enough?"
This Canadian Hwy is too long
It's a day long bus just to get to you
Another day trip for us to get anywhere cool
So how about a late night?
How about a long ride?
We'll pack a few tall boys
It's not like either of us gotta drive back home
How about we spend the night
In a coin operated motel
Pool our dimes for a wish in the wishing well
And we'll say, "Fake it 'til you make it baby"
We're both just a couple of phonies
You're happy enough when you're happy enough
Are we happy enough to be happy enough?
Fake it 'til you make it baby
You could be my Robin Tunney
Would that be enough? Would that be enough?
Nothing lasts, everything lingers
That night I told you I loved you
And it wasn't a lie, no, not at the time
And you said, "I don't mind you"
And it wasn't a lie
Nothing lasts, everything lingers

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